Difficulties with your studies?
A Guide for Students


Studying can be a challenging time and will sometimes involve difficulties. The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar offers support structures to help you not feel alone when facing such challenges during your studies.

Are you having personal, organisational or didactic problems?


Do you have criticism concerning your studies or ideas for improvement?


Having trouble finding a solution?


Difficulties with your studies?<br>A Guide for Students


Where can I get advice?

If you are having personal or organisational problems during your studies, there are numerous contact points at the university that can support you. There is no specific order of who to approach and when; it always depends on your individual situation. Our counselling service providers are experts in their fields and will always take a respectful and confidential approach to helping you with your concerns, without passing judgement.

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How can I submit feedback?

Feedback on courses, the degree programme or how studies are progressing overall can be provided within the scope of various evaluations conducted regularly. You may also address feedback directly to relevant contact persons at any time. If you have general structural improvement proposals, please direct these to the Presidium.

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How do I lodge a complaint?

It is not always immediately clear whether a problem requires the initiation of a complaint process or may be able to be resolved simply through a counselling discussion. As a first step, we recommend seeking support from the counselling service centres or other relevant contact persons. If no solution can be found, you can contact either the Discrimination or Student and Academic Affairs complaint centres.

» to complaints offices

My contact person is biased

At a small university such as this, the issue of bias cannot be ruled out. This challenge alone you should have to face alone. You can either contact a different specified point of contact or get in touch with the »University Complaints Office for Student and Academic Affairs«. They can then pass your concern on to the relevant point of contact, anonymously if you wish.

My contact person is not responding

If a contact person does not respond to an initial enquiry within a reasonable time,

  • you should first submit the enquiry again and remind them of your concern.
  • If there is still no response, alternative means of contact should be attempted, such as e-mail, telephone, a relevant administration office if applicable or even reaching out personally.
  • If still unsuccessful, an alternative or superordinate contact person can be found in the »overview of contact points for students«.

I cannot find a suitable contact person

Formulating a problem precisely or finding the right contact person isn’t always easy. You can find an »overview of contact points for students« here. The counselling service centres are well connected and will refer you to the right place. Your enquiries will always be handled respectfully, neutrally and confidentially.