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Howto... TheSum online and on site

This year, TheSum lets us look back and forward at the same time. With the aim of drawing conclusions and discussing which experiences and changes from the time of the pandemic we also want to use in the future. In this context, current discourses such as working in the pandemic, the design of living spaces on the university campus or the climate crisis will be looked into, as well as subject-specific questions from the faculties of Architecture and Urbanism, Civil Engineering, Media and Art and Design.

Go on a discovery tour - virtually or on site on the university campus, in Weimar and beyond. The range is wide. That you don't get lost in the abundance of topics, we have prepared some thematic tours for you.

1. GOOD FRIENDS | popular formats new

K+G | various courses of study
With the SUMMER REEL, selected film works from the study programs Media Art/Media Design and Visual Communication are presented online. 
per Live-Stream | 16 July from 9 pm

K+G, M | various courses of study
The best final theses of the last year of study from the specialist modules of the Mediakunst/ Mediendesign course compete for the Medienkunstpreis 2021 and exhibit in the Galerie Eigenheim. 
Asbachstraße 1 - Gärtnerhaus

K+G | Visuelle Kommunikation (B.A.)
The PORT is the annual visual showcase of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. With the theme "Layers", the PORT team turns to experimental approaches in the development of this now already 19th issue of the PORT.
Marienstraße 14

Concrete Canoe - Creativity Meets Engineering
Bauhaus.Modul | B | various courses of studies
In a team of 11, concept ideas for a creative, crazy and interactive boat made of concrete were developed as part of the Bauhaus Module 3. With this, the participants want to venture into unknown waters and take part in the Betonkanuregatta 2022 in Brandenburg an der Havel with a boat.

2. PANDEMIC | living and working in the pandemic

WORKATION - become an urban nomad!
Bauhaus.Modul »Entrepreneurship & Innovation« | neudeli
Workation is a founding idea of an interdisciplinary team of 5 students. With our innovative outdoor co-working spaces, which are free of charge for the user, we enable digital work in urban space.
Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8 - Ausstellungsfläche

K+G | Produkt-Design (Ba.)
It is about the question WHAT do the students want to design and more importantly HOW do they want to design. No topic could be more fitting for the ANSCHLUSS, and especially for the ANSCHLUSS in times of Corona, than WORK. In two design tasks, ONE : ONE : ONE - Everyday Helpers for Teleworking, and ANYTHING BUT A TABLE - Furniture for Teleworking, the students researched, designed and tested. 
outside 3 (behind VDV)

Filming resilience - animated film / documentary film / animadoc
K+G, M | Integrated Urban Development and Design (M.Sc.)
Through the form of animation to record the negative emotions that people encounter in their lives, and the process of people trying to heal their bad emotions.

Bauhaus.Modul | A+U, K+G | various courses of study
Mask requirement and social distancing have influenced and sharpened our interaction with those around us during the Corona crisis. Thus, a collective awareness of fellow people has been formed, which will be manifested through the resonance bench as an interactive street furniture for the post-pandemic time.
outside 1 (between Main Building, M18 and Campus.Office)

«Minutiöse Stille» - Studio Project Etching
K+G | various courses of study
The Corona virus has completely changed the work in the print workshop. The graphics on display were all created outside the print workshop at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, partly using experimental imaging techniques. The works, often consisting of traces, tell the story of being forced to be at home. If you follow the »tracks« laid out, you will quickly recall the moments of isolation and cut-off everyday life that you have experienced yourself.
Marienstraße 1b | Radierwerkstatt, 3 - 6 pm, tour

K+G | Produkt-Design
»UNclean Plastics« encourages a critical, creative debate about the use of resources. Specifically, the project focuses on the consumption and cycle chains of Covid 19 protective products such as FFP2 masks.

3. CAMPUS | a look forward

Especially in times of a pandemic, students from all faculties are thinking about what an ideal campus could look like that is a place to teach, learn and stay, a meeting place and a field of experimentation, as well as climate-neutral. The history of the site was examined in various formats, and visions and simulations for a future campus were created in the summer semester and presented digitally and in the open air.

MEROTOP_ or what will the campus of the future do?
A+U, B | various courses of studies
The corona-related limitations have made us realise and feel first-hand the importance of interpersonal interaction, communication, community, sharing, art, culture, and simply knowing that the opportunities and the places for it exist. How can the place where we work, learn and teach embody exactly that and become an inspiring melting pot for all who come into contact with it? That is what we are asking ourselves and you?
outside 12 (parking space Mensa am Park) and more

A+U, B | various courses of study
Within the framework of various courses, students worked on different questions concerning climate neutrality using the university campus as an example. During the summer semester, the students dealt with building physics simulations, data collection and evaluation. The results were recorded in short videos and presented digitally.

A+U | various courses of study
Self-determined, cartographic engagement with the university campus based on academic input lectures and group discussions.

A+U | various courses of study
The south campus of the Bauhaus-Universität was completely asphalted in 2015 to make room for parking spaces. It is the perfect example of what urban development should not look like in the face of the climate crisis. The task of the summer semester's urban design is to turn this place into its opposite: a prime example of decarbonisation, unsealing and sustainable building. Along the way, a meeting place for the entire university can be created.
ONLINE and outside 10 (near Digital Bauhaus Lab)

HISTORIE OF BAUHAUSSTRAßE 11 - on the way to a place of remembrance

A+U, M | various courses of study
The digital tour (video) gives a brief overview of the role of the building at Bauhausstraße 11 during the Nazi regime. The face-to-face tour includes the stops at Bauhausstraße 11, Marienstraße 13a and 15, and Belvederer Allee 6.
ONLINE and Bauhausstraße 11, tours

4. ART | positions and communication

WUNDERKAMMER 4.0 – eine Ausstellungsarchitektur für das BAROCKE UNIVERSUM GOTHA
A+U | various courses of study
For the collections of the Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha, an exhibition architecture was designed that brings historical locations, objects and their digital copies into a mutually reinforcing context. Methodologically, the design started with an impromptu to a box of baroque spatial art, which became part of the Wunderkammer concept. A five-day excursion took place on site in April.

STUDIO VISITS: beeing an art teacher | beeing an artist
K+G | various courses of study
Students visit various artists, who are also art teachers, at home and in their studios. The visits are documented on film and show the persons in their dual role between art education and art practice.

K+G | Freie Kunst
CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA is NOVA's ninth and for the time being last exhibition. It presents works by five  graduates of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar who were selected by a renowned jury for the shortlist of the Lyonel Art Prize 2021.
Berkaer Straße 11

50° 59′ N , 11° 20′ O, 40° C - 9 Positions from the Künstlersozialklasse
K+G | Freie Kunst
The Künstlersozialklasse presents selected works from the summer semester 2021.
Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 7 - Van-de-Velde-Bau, 010/011, 1-6 pm

Bauhaus-Rhythmen. Medien und Organe im Posthumanismus
The project module »Bauhaus Rhythms. Media and Organs in Posthumanism« consisted, in addition to the theoretical, of an artistic-practical part, for which ›instructions for action‹ were traced in various exercises.
M | Medienkultur (Ba.)

5. COOPERATIONS | creative together

HfM | varous courses of study
Klangrausch not only unites music, light and space in an overall concept, but also the students of the two Weimar universities. The event series reinterprets existing concert traditions in a new and creative way and gives a different perspective on classical and experimental music - away from the conventional concert hall.
outside 2 (in front of the Main Building) | 17 July from 8 pm

K+G | Freie Kunst
Born to be Bauhaus is a cooperation project between the Archiv der Moderne and the Freundeskreis der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Every year, a jury selects five artworks by artists from the Faculty of Art and Design, exhibits them and then adds them to the collection of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.
Neufert-Box, Rudolstädter Straße 7, 99428 Weimar