summaery2021: Projects

Zukunftsfähige Materialkulturen am Beispiel der Zuckerrübe und die Gestaltung potenzieller Produkte für eine Zwischennutzung

Project information

submitted by
Lara Weller

Katrin Krupka, Sarah Böttger

Art and Design

Degree programme:
Productdesign (Master of Arts (M.A.))

Type of project presentation
Final project

Winter semester 2020/21

attractive to children

Project description

BetaWare is a material made of sugar beet cellulose and molasses, which is vegan and honestly compostable. These are by-products of sugar production, so no additional land is used for the consumption of goods. After intermediate use, the material can be returned to a natural cycle. The material was developed through intensive research and a large number of trials, including successful injection molding tests. Products were designed that are versatile and demonstrate processing methods. In the context of resilient, honest and sustainable design, a future-oriented design approach was created.

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