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Project information

submitted by
Mara Geske

Jan Niklas Lünig, Florian Wurm, Theresa Polster

M.Sc. Alexander Benz, M.Eng. Mara Geske, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Conrad Völker

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Degree programme:
Management [Construction Real Estate Infrastructure] (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Type of project presentation

Winter semester 2020/21

attractive to children

Project description

As part of the proof of the module Building Physics Planning II, a thermal-energy quarter simulation of the quarter „Library“ was carried out. The aim of this observation was to develop measures to achieve a climate-neutral campus by 2050. This student-project is intended to make its contribution to the Bauhaus 2050 research project.

The students began with the collection of data (e.g. proportions of window areas, plinth heights, etc. as part of an on-site inspection and analysis of as-built plans).

A model of the neighbourhood was created using the City Energy Analyst (CEA) software. Through simulations, the annual heating and electricity demand of the current stock (status quo) could be determined.

As last part of the task, scenarios were developed to create a more climate-neutral neighbourhood. The following scenarios were developed and examined:
- Modernisation of windows
- Modification of the ventilation system
- Use of waste heat
- Installation of external shading systems
- Photovoltaics

The scenarios considered are intended to provide a small sample of the possibilities and to stimulate further thinking.


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