Media Studies graduates are independent professionals who are competent users of media products. You will learn to handle complex questions using unconventional, innovative and well-founded methods – exactly the skills that are in demand in today’s business world!

The opportunities for further study in Weimar or elsewhere are also diverse: depending on the specialisation chosen during the Bachelor’s degree, you can pursue studies in the field of Media Studies, Cultural Studies or Media Management. The Faculty of Media offers two research-oriented Master’s degree programmes in the fields of Media Studies and Media Management.

The degree programme is not a practical media or artistic course, and thus does not prepare you for a specific profession. Instead, the focus is on imparting skills for challenging professions requiring creative and reflective thinking. The faculty supports and encourages external practical experience. The Careers Service can advise on the opportunities available after completing your studies.

Skills acquired during the degree in Media Studies:

  • Analytical thinking in the handling of products, processes and structures in media and culture
  • Independent, autonomous work
  • Academic qualification for Master’s programmes with a research focus
  • Presentation and research skills
  • Organisational and conceptual skills
  • Critical reflection on historical and contemporary everyday phenomena
  • Interdisciplinary work at the intersection between different stakeholders

Graduates are qualified for work in the following fields:

  • Cultural management, public relations
  • Editorial work (radio, print media, TV, online, publishing houses)
  • Film production, distribution and promotion
  • Decision management or (corporate) consulting for mass media and the entertainment industry
  • Programme development