Artistic research

We (Moritz Wehrmann and Jenny Brockmann) see artistic research as an integral part of everyday life at the laboratory.

Research project - (Im)balance Organ - BALANCE

Jenny Brockmann's artistic research project is part of the research project "Animism-Machinism" and deals with the phenomenon of (im)balance and the function of the (im)balance organ from various artistic, biological, physical, media-theoretical, and scientific-historical perspectives. Against the background of new technologies, especially in the field of data collection and transmission, as enabled by the internet, the following research questions are at the center of attention: Can a sense of balance take place in various global locations? Can a data-informed (im)balance organ prosthesis create a "collective cyborg" capable of generating normative processes in posthumanism?

Research project - Media of the Forest

The forest as a climate actor, industrial location, and human recreational space is at the centre of Moritz Wehrmann's research project "Media of the Forest," as an entity that reveals the past and determines the future. In the forest, various complexities intertwine to form ecosystems that create intertwined and sometimes hard-to-penetrate structures, even for their creators. Following the increasingly widespread recognition in recent years among forest scientists that the forest is a network of information and communication that adapts and is in constant flux and forms a system that can be called natural intelligence, this project will focus in particular on those relationships in which artificial and natural intelligences interlock.

Research project - XR b.m.b. lab

A "digital twin" of room 1.16 (b.m.b. lab) at Schwanseestrasse 143 is to be created, a virtual copy of the room in which students and researchers can observe and participate in the processes at the b.m.b. lab. The focus here is on the idea that we will move in a mixed reality environment in the future, in which all senses are addressed through both analog and digital processes, and we want to shape this environment in a socially, gender, race, class, and ethnically fair manner. Collaboration with Professor Fröhlich.


Further research collaborations with scientists from various disciplines are planned.