The laboratory was initiated in the spring of 2022 and develops concepts that create an intermediate field that moves between science, art, and philosophy. Experimental research in space already played a central role at the historic Bauhaus and manifested itself particularly in the Bauhaus stage. It represented a central place where various disciplines, trades, and arts came together for performance and observation. The stage was a laboratory before publication, a place of performance with a widely varying public.

In the laboratory and on stage, the artistic practice is combined with the practice of theory. Therefore, both art and theory are understood here equally as plastic practices.

Especially for Weimar media studies, the outcome of theory from operations, objects, and practices is of great importance. Thinking is always articulated in bodies, in everyday and non-everyday worlds.

The examination of concrete physical and social spaces and the discursive and multisensory practice in shared space are necessary prerequisites for students and researchers for every practice, not least also for the expansion of investigations into the virtual and digital space.

The laboratory creates a space, a stage, on which things, processes, experiments, and ideas can emerge into the world. It is a protected space and a space of risk. The stage is thought of here in an extended sense as a place or medium of different formats and different extensions, addressing different sized circles of the public.