Profession and career

The digitalisation of our lives and professional worlds is progressing more and more rapidly.  Complex simulation environments and the use of virtual models shortens industrial development cycles while simultaneously optimising production processes. The revolution of industry 4.0 has created an increasing demand for academic specialists in interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary fields. 

Your Master's degree from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar will prepare you for the challenges of the future: Graduates of the digital engineering degree programme have a high level of competence in recognition of engineering and methodological contexts, as well as the possibilities created through computer-based engineering modelling of these relationships on the basis of different modelling concepts, and in the representation and interpretation of complex findings for different stakeholders. This places you in a key position in the digitalisation of our society. 

As a highly qualified leader, you will help shape the developments of our networked society 4.0 and help to advance it. Your wide range of career options includes computer-assisted processes at the interfaces of civil engineering, aerospace engineering, automotive industry, plant engineering and mechanical engineering, as well as the consumer goods sector. 

In your studies, you will acquire these competencies:

  • Recognising and understanding engineering issues at the interface to IT
  • Spatial, temporal and financial modelling, as well as digital representation and the use of models 
  • Simulation of processes and structures
  • Visualisation and analysis of large amounts of data
  • Development, design and operation of complex, technical products and systems
  • Flexibility in conceptual paradigms and model associations
  • Thorough knowledge of various modelling concepts
  • Presentation and interpretation of complex findings for a range of stakeholders

With a degree in Digital Engineering, you can work in industry and science, for example as a:

  • Model manager
  • Engineering analyst
  • System integrator
  • Technical manager
  • Consultant for digitalisation concepts
  • Software developer
  • Project development engineer
  • Research and development