Postdocs./PhD students

Chair of Structural Analysis and Component Strength

Omar Alrayes, M.Sc.

E-Mail: omar.alrayes[at] 

Chair of Computational Mechanics

Dr. Saurav Sharma

Postdoctoral researcher
Marienstr. 15, Raum 008
99423 Weimar
E-Mail: saurav.sharma[at] 

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Research field: Multifunctional coupling of flexoelectricity in composites and metamaterials
Funding: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Dr. Nasser Firouzi

Postdoctoral researcher

E-Mail: nasser.firouzi[at] 

Research field: Computational Mechanics

Hamidreza Owji, M.Sc.

E-Mail: hamidreza.owji[at] 

PhD topic: Modeling fractures in composite materials using finite element method

Mohammed Ashour, M.Sc.

Marienstr. 7a, Raum 001
99423 Weimar

E-Mail: mohammed.ashour[at] 

Mostafa Bamdad, M.Sc.

Marienstr. 7a, Raum 001
99423 Weimar

E-Mail: mostafa.bamdad[at] 

Mohammad Sadegh Eshaghi Khanghah, M.Sc.

Marienstr. 7a, Raum 001
99423 Weimar

E-Mail: mohammad.sadegh.eshaghi.khanghah[at] 

Seyed Yasin Jamali, M.Sc.

Marienstr. 7a
99423 Weimar

E-Mail: seyedyasin.jamali[at] 

Seyed Ahad Kermani, M.Sc.

E-Mail: seyed.ahad.kermani[at] 

Amir Namazian Jam, M.Sc.

E-Mail: amir.namazian.jam[at] 

Leila Keshtkari, M.Sc.

Marienstr. 7a, Raum 001
99423 Weimar

E-Mail: leila.keshtkari[at] 

Saeid Nikbakht Nikabadi, M.Sc.

E-Mail: saeid.nikbakht.nikabadi[at] 

Seidmahdi Sadri, M.Sc.

Marienstr. 7a, Raum 001
99423 Weimar

E-Mail: seidmahdi.sadri[at] 

Aydin Shishehgaran, M.Sc.

E-Mail: aydin.shishehgaran[at] 

Mohsen Talebian, M.Sc.

Marienstraße 13D, Raum 207
99423 Weimar

E-Mail: mohsen.talebian[at] 

Chair of Optimization and Stochastics

Nesa Hazrati, M.Sc.

Marienstr. 15, Raum 008
99423 Weimar

E-Mail: nesa.hazrati[at] 

PhD theme: Modeling in civil engineering combined with optimization or statistical analysis