of the ISM

The members of the Institute of Structural Mechanics intend to develop new methods and algorithms for predicting the deformation and load-carrying behavior of structures in civil and mechanical engineering. Of particular interest are geometrical and material nonlinearities combined with the inherent stochasticity of loads and resistances. Input parameters of these models are calibrated by experimental investigations carried out by the ISM. Currently the following research topics are investigated in our intsitute:

  • Structural safety and reliability
  • Dynamic response analysis
  • System identification 
  • Damage and Fatigue prediction 
  • Material models applying multiscale techniques 
  • Software development

All topics as mentioned are dealt with in a cooperative manner within a team of about 20 highly motivated researchers. A substantial pool of high-end computers in addition to the main computer center's top-notch multi-processor machines ensures high computational power required for today's numerical tasks. Experimental facilities of the ISM together with support from the Institute for materials research and Testing Weimar (MFPA) ensure the ability to conduct complex experiments successfully. Application of the obtained results to problems brought up by the industry guarantees that our research results will provide useful tools for the profession.