Bachelor’s degree programme Visuelle Kommunikation (Visual Communication) – B.A.

Standard duration of programme Deadline for application Application
8 Semesters 31 March How to apply

In order to develop innovative procedural and design models for a wide range of tasks, it is crucial that our future designers master concept-driven, artistic and design approaches and can apply theoretical, scientific and technical knowledge to relevant problems.

In this rapidly changing world, it is especially important to work in a flexible and conscientious manner. Students in this degree programme must learn to think methodically and independently, critically evaluate others (as well as themselves), and understand communicative, media-related processes and their aesthetic, social and environmental functions. The method of instruction described earlier, i.e. »interdisciplinary project work«, enables, encourages and even requires students to think in this way.

Our students and alumni design magazines, catalogues, manuscripts, guidance systems and websites. They take photos, produce books, films, commercials, TV graphics, posters and postcards. From simple logos to complex corporate design campaigns for cultural institutions, industry and trade, the entertainment business and advertising, they employ visual strategies to create compelling images and appearances.
The most critical skill they possess is an ability to communicate specific messages through a sophisticated interplay of words, texts and images, systems and structures. Their work promotes communication, educates and informs the public, reveals, clarifies and delights.

Following the prescribed duration of study of eight semesters, students obtain a »Bachelor of Arts« degree, the first-level certificate of professional qualification. 

In the follow-up two-semester master's degree programme "Visual Cultures", students gain transferable skills for design-related professions in Visual Communication which focus on the problems and issues of Visual Cultures.