Poster of the exhibition
Graphic: Adrian Palko
Published: 19 October 2022

HOME ZONE - Third exhibition of the university gallery »nova space« shows works by Francis Zeischegg in dialogue with students and colleagues

Under the title »HOME ZONE – Francis Zeischegg & Friends«, the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar gallery, which currently resides in the rooms of the Kunsthaus Erfurt, presents the works of long-time the lecturer of the Faculty of Art and Design. On display will be works from the past ten years, which will be set in relation to works by »friends«, students and colleagues who have influenced Francis Zeischegg.

The investigation of the human gaze, its modification through ocular systems or apparatuses, runs through the work of the former artistic assistant in the degree programme »Fine Art Education Degree«. Optical perception, locating oneself in space and active versus passive seeing are central aspects of Francis Zeischegg's artistic exploration.

The exhibition »HOME ZONE« puts a spotlight on the »home space«, one's own sovereign area or territory, the self-proclaimed private space of action. This space, whether architecturally defined or imaginatively constructed, is exclusively subject to its own set of rules – in contrast to public space. Thus Zeischegg presents installations, concepts and models that explore the viewing regimes, axes and architectures of political, private and social space.
In addition to sculptures, installations and drawings by the artist, a series of new video works created in collaboration with student and video artist Natalia Paz Chávez Hoffmeister will also be on display. In addition, works by Ursula Damm (Professorship Design of Medial Environments), Felix Deiters (student, Fine Art), Astrid Drechsler (ex. Artistic Associate at the Professorship Experimental Radio), Jana Gunstheimer (Professorship Experimental Painting and Drawing), Roman Liška (Artistic Associate at the Professorship Experimental Painting and Drawing), Fabian Reetz (Student, Fine Art), Florian Schmidt (Artistic Associate at the Professorship Sculpture, Object, Installation), Moritz Wehrmann (Artistic Associate at the Professorship Film and Media Studies), Markus Weisbeck (Professorship Graphic Design) and Lia Ziebell (Alumna Fine Art Education Degree programme).
On Thursday, 10 November 2022, at 7 p.m., there will also be a collective performance in which students and alumni of the »Fine Art Education« degree programme will participate and to which everyone is cordially invited.
»HOME ZONE - Francis Zeischegg & Friends«
Exhibition duration:

27 October - 2 December 2022
Exhibition opening:

Wednesday, 26 October 2022, 6 - 9 p.m.
Thursday, 10 November 2022, 7 p.m.
Exhibition location:

nova space
Michaelisstrasse 34
99084 Erfurt
Opening hours:
Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 18 h
Admission is free.
Participating artists:
Ursula Damm, Felix Deiters, Astrid Drechsler, Jana Gunstheimer, Natalia Paz Chávez Hoffmeister, Roman Liška, Fabian Reetz, Florian Schmidt, Moritz Wehrmann, Markus Weisbeck, Lia Ziebell.
Curator / Director:
Katharina Wendler
nova Team: Coretta Klaue, Till Röttjer, Rio Usui
Head of Visual Communication: Adrian Palko
Visual Communication Team: Haron Barashed, Ossian Osborne, Marc Wöhner
In an annual cycle of three exhibitions, »nova space«, the university gallery of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, will occupy the exhibition rooms of the Kunsthaus Erfurt until the end of 2022.
For further information, please contact the curator Katharina Wendler by e-mail: katharina.wendler[at]