Poster for the event »Nomansland«


NOVA presents »nomansland«, a group exhibition with works by Anne Heilmann, Masami Saito and Kathy Schubert. All three artists are graduates of the Fine Arts department and graduated from Bauhaus-University Weimar in 2019.

»nomansland« is a multimedia exhibition that deals with themes of transition, communication and physicality in the form of sculptures, installations and drawings.
What is the connection between internal physical and psychological processes and how can these be materialized? How can we document an experience so that it leads to a re-experienceable result? nomansland questions the grey zone between mental and physical space as a nomadic existence; the intermediate space that can be conquered by our minds.

Anne Heilmann's
(born in Chemnitz, lives and works in Weimar) objects, paintings, collages, installations and performative actions were inspired by a four-month bicycle journey through South-Eastern Europe last year and were partly created on the road. In them she deals with places and ‘Zwischen-Räume’ i.e. intermediate places (this was also the title of her diploma thesis in February 2019).

In her sculptures and installations, Kathy Schubert (born in Erfurt, lives and works in Erfurt) deals with situations of daily life as well as with extreme mental and physical states, such as psychoses, sleep or hallucinations. The focus is on the fate and well-being of the individual, but she also deals with social phenomena and tendencies.

Masami Saito (born in Fukushima, lives and works in Erfurt) studied Fine Arts at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künsten in Stuttgart before graduating from Bauhaus University. Her drawings and expansive installations thematize a physicality that is strongly connected to the human psyche, but in a certain way acts independently. The artist describes how organs "deal with the outside world in a completely independent way, and how their life energy is connected to all living beings in the universe”.

text / curated by Jeroen Cavents and Sarah Katharina Eder

Exhibition duration:
12 - 14 July 2019

11 July 2019, 7 - 10 pm

The three exhibiting artists are nominated for the Lyonel Art Award, which will be awarded for the first time this year. The prize, endowed with 2,000 euros, awards diploma students of the Fine Art department and is donated by Wiegand Manufactur Weimar. Marianne Dobner (curator, mumok - museum moderne kunst stiftung ludwig, Vienna), Anna Redeker (curator, Berlin) and Anka Ziefer (director, G2 Kunsthalle, Leipzig) were appointed to the jury for the selection of the winner. They have selected Anne Heilmann, Masami Saito and Kathy Schubert for the shortlist of the prize. The winner will be announced on Friday, July 12, 2019 at 6 pm in a ceremony at Berkaer Straße 11 and will, in addition, receive a solo exhibition at NOVA art space in autumn 2019.