Finissage »POWER HOUSE Episode 05 – energy rising« with Performance

Join us to celebrate the finissage of the exhibition »POWER HOUSE Episode 05 – energy rising« (29.09.-02.11.2023) with a sound performance by Chiara Bartl-Salvi.

  • Date: Thursday, 02 November 2023, 06.00 pm
  • End: Thursday, 02 November 2023, 09.00 pm
  • Location: nova space at Schiller-Museum Weimar, Schillerstraße 12, 99423 Weimar
  • Type: Performance | University Gallery
  • Section: Faculty of Art and Design

Start of the sound performance: 7.30 p.m.

The sound and dance work »1, 2 Step (Until the Loop ends), Re-Edition for nova space«, developed by Chiara Bartl-Salvi, is a continuation of her previous performances and also experiences a specific implementation on site in this exhibition. Through tap dance, Bartl-Salvi has discovered a medium that paradigmatically satisfies her fascination for the combination of movement and sound. This opens up a wide range of experimental possibilities for making movements audible and sounds visible.

The dancers' steps are recorded during their performance and played into the performance in real time, whereby they are superimposed on the live rhythm as acoustic layers. The steps, matched to this sound loop, are recorded again and continue in a way that allows the sounds to enter into a dialogue with the dancers. This dialogue leads to an endless reciprocal influence between the two elements. In her work, Bartl-Salvi explores the properties of movement and infinity.

In the course of the performance, a fascination with pop music develops. The movement patterns are taken from music videos by pop artists. The choreographies and their simple reproducibility fascinate Bartl-Salvi. On platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, users repeatedly appropriate the dance movements, which raises the question of who can actually be considered the creator of a dance sequence after the hundredth repetition.

Concept & Choreography: Chiara Bartl-Salvi 

Performers: Chiara Bartl-Salvi, Rebecca Rosa Liebing

Sound: Chiara Bartl-Salvi with Titus Probst