A (Cautionary) Tale of Disappearing Offices


Project information

submitted by
Lara Marisa Schuster

Supervising professorship
Theorie und Geschichte der modernen Architektur

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jasper Cepl, Prof. Dr. Lara Schrijver, Dipl.-Ing. Kirsten Angermann

Degree programme:
Architektur (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Project description

What if the three-day workweek was the norm? If more and more tasks could be automated and wouldn’t have to be performed by people anymore, free time prevailed.
In our free time, we can live, don’t have to take on roles and we get to exploit our potential. Maybe you would start writing for joy, spend more time outdoors or participate in discussions on the further development of the place you live. Taking the time to read an extensive, printed newspaper could become a new routine.
By taking a look at »The Take Times« - a newspaper from June AW (After Work) 22 - readers get to interact with the scenario directly. Little by little, the articles will paint a picture of the life people lead, the places they inhabit and the conflicts that arise. The notion of a hobby would be drastically different from what we think of it today. I imagine that without the pressure of a paid job for the majority of the time, people would allow themselves to indulge in activities, they actually long for. That could be as basic as enjoying trembling low-frequency sounds for relaxation or as far-reaching as looking for the purpose of life.
In addition to the newspaper, the magazine »Observations« presents an insight into how our studio worked and how students used the narrative to guide them through a speculative design process.

Gallery: Photographs of the newspaper; printed by Newspaper Club, Scotland
Audio: Project presentation, ca. 16 minutes
PDF: Presentation slides, Essay, Newspaper

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