Building Bridges in Urban Studies - Exercising the Concept of the European City

Fakultät: Architektur, Studiengang: Advanced Urbanism (M.Sc.)

Nineteen students from China, the Unites States, former socialist/communist countries (Russia and Estonia) and from Germany probed different aspects of the concept of the European City and its suitability for the 21st century and applied it to Schwanseestraße in Weimar..
Thanks to the international and interdisciplinary constitution of our group, a fieldtrip to Poland and unexpected perspectives in a design charrette on Weimar, we were able to connect different positions and experiences in our course: planning cultures in Europe, China and the United States, conditions of growth and shrinkage, theory and practise, the urban and the rural, the city and the region, “academia” and “the people”. Bridging in multiple sense!


Karlis RATNIEKS, Yan WANG , Daihao MO , Jiaolong JIANG , Tian Shu CHU, Xin LI , Natalia STEPANOVA, Jieling CHE , Xiaohui ZHU , Jia WANG , Yingwei ZHANG , Ronnie CLEMENTS, Yang BAI , Kristin SMITH, Chenwuwei MA , Yisu LIU , Shiyang LU , Yuan WU , Lars PAUL


Harald Kegler, Britta Trostorff & Agnieszka Ciesla for Poland

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Geschwister Scholl- Straße 8 - Hauptgebäude


1st floor

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