Fakultät: Gestaltung, Studiengang: Visuelle Kommunikation (B.F.A.)

As the world becomes increasingly beyond our vision – technology, terrorism, economics, deep geological time, lengths of rivers beyond our vision, we are often left with the same attitude towards visual culture – meaning controlled by trends, semiotics and history of the way images are made.
A google image search has the capacity to replace carefully made esthetic decisions about
how ideas, and images are presented.

This course is trying to develop new ways of seeing the unseeable, connecting with the un-connectable and attempt to find new ways towards visualization.


Antonia Bellmann
Marc Bredemeier
Jeonghoon Cha
Mareike Rabea Knevels
Sascha Krischock
Philotheus Nisch
Cenk Oezbakir
Christian Rothe
Martin Schuchardt
Ramona Seidl
Damaris Zielke


Jason Dodge

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