who does the city belong to?

Fakultät: Gestaltung, Studiengang: Freie Kunst (Diplom-Künstler)

In 2005 the city of Istanbul initiated a development project called the Urban Transformation/ Rehabilitation Project. The projects aim is to modernize the center of Istanbul. The affect of this project, aside from ravaging historical architecture, is most felt by ethnic groups. One of the biggest criticisms of the project is that it completely lacks an effective integration policy. As part of the projects process, ethnic residents are removed without negotiation, this is currently in effect in Tarlabasi close to Pera. The authorities, rather than renovating the old buildings, destroy them to make new expensive living spaces for middle and high- class customers. Soon the character of the old inner city will be completely wiped out.
My practice as an artist from Istanbul, questions processes of modernization, how it affects a city's real texture and structure, such as gentrification for example. This leads to a critique of the concept of modern human life, through an explorative lens I focus on feeling of 'belonging' that come with an awareness of being different. 


Gokcen Dilek Acay


Liz Bachhuber

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