House of Isms

Fakultät: Architektur, Studiengang: Architektur (M.Sc.)

The Marzona Collection is one of the most important international collections of modern art. The collector, Egidio Marzona, sees the world of art not as an isolated segment, but as part of a greater cultural itinerary. An essential component of the collection is an archive of hand-written, printed, photographic and filmic works of culture, science and politics that contains around 1.5 million documents. To structure the enormous amount of documents, Egidio Marzona has chosen the common category of ‘isms’, a term often used in the history of art.
The design project, a ‘House of Isms’, should be located in an area of northeastern Italy called Friuli, where Egidio Marzona has his home. The collector wishes to have an open and lively building that will present the exhibits as a collection not only to be viewed but also to be touched. The particular tension of the project results from the strong contrast of the presentation of Avantgarde-objects in a robust, rural context.


Vanessa Alves, Adam Bates, Franziska Beckert, Casey Brelsford, Patrick Conway, Michael Corcoran, Mechthild Ebert, Sergej Ehses, Austin Finney, Andreas Frößler, Fiona Harte, Judith Käding, Halim Kurniawan, Arancha Lorenzana, Claire Mc Ginley, Lu Meng, Aarón Morán, Mathias Prassl, Johanna Riegert, Marianne Rüger, Lion Schreiber, Joe Wey Soo, Marcel Wagner, Neal Whitaker


Prof. Karl-Heinz Schmitz . DI Nicolas Geißendörfer

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