Nature's Grass meets Man's Rock: Bamboo Concrete

Fakultät: Bauingenieurwesen, Studiengang: Bauingenieurwesen (M.Sc.)

Bamboo is a natural material that is highly sustainable and has very favourable material properties, specifically high longitudinal strength and low density. Half-shells of bamboo rods are covered by concrete to form a composite beam or slab where the bamboo is used in tension and the concrete in compression. This project is dedicated to determine the limits in application of bamboo within composite slabs.

In this exhibition one finished slab is shown along with a documentation of the fabrication.


Peter Olney
Donata Trost


Prof. Guido Morgenthal

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Coudraystraße 4, Parkplatz

Dieses Projekt nimmt teil am Preis der summaery2012.

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13.07. | 13:00 bis 13.07. | 15:00

Demonstration of Bamboo works