Venue and Journey

Campus Map of the University (© Bauhaus-Universität Weimar/University Communications)

Conference Venue

The Young Bauhaus Research Conference 2018 [dis]solving boundaries takes place in the historical saloon Oberlichtsaal at the top floor of the main building of the Bauhaus University Weimar.

The saloon was used as studio and exhibition space before and during the Bauhaus era. The entire building was designed by the architect and designer Henry Van de Velde and was built between 1904 und 1911 for the Großherzoglich-sächsische Kunstschule Weimar which was founded in 1980. Walter Grophius combined the Art School (Kunstschule) and the former School of Applied Arts (Kunstgewerbeschule) to the Staatlichen Bauhaus Weimar in 1919, which was based until 1925 in this building. In 1923 the building became a central venue for the famous Bauhaus exhibition. Today it belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8A
99423 Weimar


We invite you for an get-together on the eve of the conference on July 4 from 6pm on to the Bauhaus.Atelier. This building is located right behind the main building of the university in the yard. You can access via Marienstraße/Belvederer Allee and via Bauhausstraße.

The Brendel Studio – today known as Bauhaus.Atelier – was built in 1886 for the then director of the Art School Professor Albert Brendel and was used for drawing classes. The glass dome suited well for that purpose. During the Bauhaus era between 1919 and 1925 the studio was used as cafeteria. Since 2010 the Bauhaus.Atelier, a central contact point and café, is situated in this building.

University’s Visitor and Information Centre
in the courtyard behind the Main Building
Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 6a
99423 Weimar

Gallery Eigenheim

The Performance Dinner of Alexandra Rebello Camara und Margarita Certeza on July 5 at 7.30pm will take place in Gallery Eigenheim. It is located at Weimarhallenpark, right behind the city museum. It's a 15-minute walk from the university's main building and you can also get there by taking any city bus to Goetheplatz.

Gallery Eigenheim was founded as a space for contemporary art and communication in 2006. In addition to traditional solo and group exhibitions, frequent concerts and readings the gallery stages project-related and curated exhibitions focusing on particular topics.

Galerie Eigenheim e.V.
Asbachstrasse 1 (Gardenhouse of Weimarhallenpark)
99423 Weimar

Digital Bauhaus Lab

The Workshop Rapid Song Prototyping with Jens Vetter von der Kunstuniversität Linz will take place on July 5 at the Digital Bauhaus Lab in Bauhausstraße 9a in the seminar room, third floor. It's just a few meters from the university's main building.

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Digital Bauhaus Lab
Fakultät Medien
Bauhausstraße 9a
99423 Weimar

The Digital Bauhaus Lab is a new, interdisciplinary research center where Computer Scientists, Engineers, and Artists tackle major scientific and societal challenges of the information society.

Nike Tempel

The Science Slam at the close of the conference on July 6 will take place in Nike Tempel at Goetheplatz. Its located diagonally across the main post office. It is approx. 10 minutes to walk from the university's main building and can be reached by all city buses (bus stop: Goetheplatz).

The building was constructed in 1860 as a reading museum by order of the Grand Duchess Maria Pawlowna in the style of a Greek temple. 1945-1989 the traveling agency of the GDR was based here. Since 2009 the building is used by the local radio Radio Lotte.

Radio LOTTE Weimar e.V.
Goetheplatz 12
99423 Weimar


By plane
If you are travelling by plane, you can fly to Frankfurt am Main, Berlin or Leipzig/Halle airport, since they offer the most convenient rail connections to Weimar.

By train
Weimar’s train station is situated approximately 2 km north of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. To get to the conference room, you can either take a 30-minute walk or get on the bus line 1 toward Belvedere/Ehringsdorf/Taubach. Within ten minutes, you will reach the stop »Bauhaus-Universität« at Marienstraße. Weimar can be easily reached by train from different cities: Berlin (2 h) | Frankfurt/Main (2,5 h) | München (3 h) | Leipzig (1 h) | Erfurt (15 min). In particular for trips within Germany and from neighbouring countries we recommend the train. Here you can find your individual train connections.

By car
Weimar can be reached by car via A9 and A4.