Auditorium building (photo: Jens Hauspurg)

The Faculty of Civil Engineering has provided six decades of well-established and renowned education in the field of engineering. Due to recent structural changes in the business world, the teaching and research programme of the faculty has been considerably extended and adjusted to meet new requirements, based on the complex structure of the faculty, which is unique in Germany.

The traditional degree course in Civil Engineering has been restructured and designed to ensure compatibility with international degree courses. Degree courses which have been added, i.e. Management (Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure) and Civil Engineering [Structures Environment Building Materials] follow this development by consistently extending the fields of study for civil engineering with interfacing competencies for other areas of study.

The degree course for Building Materials Engineering offered by three Thüringen universities uses the latest teaching technology (including teleteaching).

The faculty can register over 300 new students each year and is also able to provide a wide range of scientific services for research and development and other services to the business community. At present, nearly 1500 students are registered at the faculty.

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