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A Place We Live

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Professur Entwerfen und Wohnungsbau

Maximilian Atta, Stephanie Bär, Julian Blochberger, Melina Böning, Sabrina Brill, Julian Daniel, Marlene Dodenhof, Eicke Entzian (Bachelorthesis), Simon Fischer, Egor Gavrilov, Isabel-Marie Grohe, Jakob Hainich, Lewis Horkulak, Ruben Hummitzsch, Tassja Kissing, Felix Lewin, Nora Lindemann, Yadan Luo, Rebeca Manchego (Masterthesis), Annahelen Mende, Jule Mügge, Isabella Pullmann (Masterthesis), Mona Rahal (Masterthesis), Nele Rickmann, Emre Sari, Caner Schäwel, Sarah Silbernagel, David Ben Sohn, Luzia Stallmann, Katharina Thurow, Raphael Witte, Nele Ziegler

Prof. Verena von Beckerath, Jessica Christoph, Hanna Schlösser

Architecture and Urbanism

Degree programme:
Architecture (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)),
Architecture (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Type of project presentation

Summer semester 2020

Prof. Jasper Cepl

Project description

Are there affirmable days or places in our deteriorating world? Are there scenes in life, right now, for which we might conceivably be thankful? Is there a basis for joy or serenity, even if felt only occasionally? Are there grounds now and then for an unironic smile?
Robert Adams, The Place We Live, 1966-2013

During summer semester 2020, the Chair of Design and Housing at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar offered a structured and equally open design studio with selected references as starting points. The studio in particular was based on an immediate dialogue with the students and their interests. Thus, it was possible to follow the thematic and methodic suggestions made by the Chair, to develop and complement them, while working on individual topics. As usual, there were regular, mandatory colloquia alongside the individual consultations and discussions in small groups, as well as various opportunities for communication in a virtual studio. The design studio comprised larger research parts
and was conducted in cooperation with the Chair of Theory and History of Modern Architecture which offered a related seminar. It was particularly conceived for students who are interested in the relationship between design and theory in the wider context of housing, and who wish to explore this in their own work.

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