summaery2020: Projects

Climate Justice Now! ⎮ Materialschrank

Project information

submitted by
Veit Bennet Schumann

Lisa Marie Hamberger, Joshua Paul Henn, Nikolai Otto, Carolin Elisa Schelle, Veit Bennet Schumann

Sönke Ruven Ahe, Franka Maria Fetzer, Teresa Marie Geyer

Architecture and Urbanism

Degree programme:
– Other –

Type of project presentation

Summer semester 2020

Participation in the Bauhaus.Modules

Klima-AG der Universität
Students For Future Weimar
Fridays For Future Weimar

Project description

Each year there are tons of materials at the working bases or in your own rooms that are too often thrown away or which are forgotten after some time, although they could be used by other persons quite good.

For this purpose, a material exchange cabinet should be set up somewhere on the Bauhaus-Campus , in which you can leave your cardboard remnants, your second cutter, half-empty spray cans, chalk, remnants of styrofoam and much more.

Till now we are missing some space for our construction. So if you have some good ideas or locations where we can place it - or better, if you could offer us a place - then please message us! (first via the instagram channel below, an email address will be set up soon!)

And please also follow @climatejusticenow.ymr on Instagram to stay updated when and where you will be able to find the "Materialschrank" next semester:)

Files and presentations

Exhibition Location / Event Location

  • Freifläche 11 / outside 11 (Experimentalbauten, hinter x.stahl), Campus.Garten