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Understanding Movement

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Sigrid Leyssen

Clara Deubener De Moraes, Elias Dieterle, Emilia Haar, Funda Zeynep Aygüler, Ksenija Tajsic, Rosa-Maria Feldmann, Yana Kanievska, Yazan Joseph Michael Banna Banna

Sigrid Leyssen


Degree programme:
Media Studies (Master of Arts (M.A.))

Type of project presentation
Research project

Summer semester 2020

Participation in the Bauhaus.Modules

Website design: Ksenija Tajsic

Project description

This online exhibition offers an insight into the research practices of our seminar on the topic of kinaesthetic knowing. Kinaesthetic knowing is an alternative form of knowing, different from the conceptual, intellectual form that we more commonly associate with the notion of knowledge. Kinaesthetic knowing is a more bodily form of knowing, a knowledge that is generated and expressed in the movements and reactions of the body. At the end of the 19th century, this knowledge was explored as a complement to the more recognised intellectual knowledge. It was studied and applied in new techniques of looking, drawing, designing, in fields as varied as psychology, art history, architecture and art and design education. The seminar 'Understanding Movement' is a media history course, in which we read and discussed, chapter by chapter, the book Kinaesthetic Knowing : Aesthetics, Epistemology, Modern Design (Zeynep Ç. Alexander, University of Chicago Press, 2017). We also explored ways to bring forms of kinaesthetic knowing into a reading seminar.
The website presents a selection of 3 different research practices:
(1) Psychological Movement Experiments: Reconstructions as a Research Method
(2) Further Questions about Kinaesthetic Knowing and Society
(3) Research into Movement Experiments: to understand how movement has been understood and investigated through history, projects look at various scientific, artistic, educational or societal experiments on movement.

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