summaery2020: Projects

Type & Object

Project information

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Stefanie Schwarz

Anastasiia Orobko, Anne Schindler, Annika Scherwat, Anouk Marie Felscher, Dahyun Hwang, Handina Murandu, Elsa Babtist, Emelie Brockhaus, Emily Grawitter, Evelyn Schrickel, Haron Barashed, Henry Böbst, Hyun-Jeong Cho, Jenny Nerlich, Jeremy Wiener, Jieun Kim, Jun Peng, Katharina Schönknecht, Leoni Hommel, Marc Wöhner, Ming Yi, Miyoun Park, Nelly Geburtig, Rojin Safa, Vivien Sorrentino

Jun-Prof. Stefanie Schwarz

Art and Design

Degree programme:
Visual Communication (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.))

Type of project presentation

Summer semester 2020

Project description

By investigating the typographic potential of everyday objects, each student has developed a typeface that is incorporated in further (typo)graphic applications in order to present and explain the newly created font.

Exhibition Location / Event Location

  • – ONLINE –, Stadtraum Weimar