summaery2020: Projects

Climate Justice Now - signpost for regional fruits and vegetables

Project information

submitted by
Clara Müller, Clara-Marlen Wilke

Anton Brokow-Loga, Teresa Marie Geyer, Sönke Ruven Ahe, Franka Maria Fetzer

Architecture and Urbanism

Degree programme:
Urban Planning (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.))

Type of project presentation
– Other –

Summer semester 2020

Participation in the Bauhaus.Modules

Project description

There are many good reasons to consume regional fruit and vegetables:
- due to the geographical proximity, transport distances are shorter and the products are more environmentally friendly
- the local (agricultural) economy is supported and strengthened
- Fruit and vegetables are not harvested too early, but can ripen optimally

For this reason, we have developed a small signpost to point out places where regional fruit and vegetables can be purchased.

As nice as it would be - this map is not yet complete and we need YOUR help for it! Send us an email ( and tell us about a shop or a place where you can buy regional fruit and vegetables in Weimar and the surrounding area.

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