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Analysis of the pores and the microstructure of cement using X-ray computer tomography combined with 3D scanning electron microscopy

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Project information

submitted by
Florian Kleiner

Florian Kleiner, Christiane Rößler, Christian Matthes

Christiane Rößler

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Degree programme:
– Other –

Type of project presentation

Winter semester 2019/20

Project description

The combination of two state-of-the-art analytical methods allows a deep insight into the pore structure of hardened cement over a large scale (millimetres to nanometres). And therefore, information about transport processes of media in concrete. Sub-µ X-ray computer tomography (Sub-µ X-ray CT) non-destructively radiates through test specimens of various sizes from the size of a pin head to drill cores with a diameter of 20 cm. However, the resolution is limited to about one µm³. To overcome the resolution limit also in the third dimension, a modern scanning electron microscope with a focused ion beam (SEM-FIB) can be used. This makes it possible to cut a cube with an edge length of 10 µm into thin slices. Afterwards, the microstructure can be digitally reproduced with a resolution of less than 5 x 5 x 10 nm and then evaluated.

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