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P-Bank 3D

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Project information

submitted by
Florian Wehking

Florian Wehking, Prof. Jörg Londong, Stefanie Hörnlein, Simon Mehling, Mario Wolf, Heinrich Söbke, Justus Wagner

Prof. Jörg Londong, Stefanie Hörnlein, Simon Mehling

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Degree programme:
Environmental Engineering (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Type of project presentation

Winter semester 2019/20

attractive to children

WERKHAUS Design + Produktion GmbH
Goldeimer gGmbH
Sonderfonds „Digitalisierung in der Lehre“

Project description

In our project ,P-Bank 3D‘, we have now added a digital version to the ,P-Bank‘, a new type of sanitation system presented at summaery 2019 that collects urine separately from the rest of the wastewater in order to recover the finite resource Phosphorus and use it directly in the subsequent process.

An on-site visit is replaced by a three-dimensional, digital image in order to make a temporary installation usable for teaching purposes. With the help of 360° technology, we have reconstructed the ,P-Bank‘ as a 3D space that can be experienced and provided it with information points that enable the viewer to enter the 'P-Bank' and access information independent of time and location.

The 360° technology used is suitable as an entry-level tool for the digitization of university teaching. As a bottom-up approach, it offers a low-threshold or lightweight approach, both for the teachers who create the content and the students who use the technology intuitively. Especially in the context of digital teaching, which is now becoming increasingly important, this approach offers the potential to teach, learn and gain experience using real examples.

In a first study it could be found out that the use of this approach is to be classified as very promising.

You can visit the 3D model yourself under the following link:

Email: florian.wehking[at]

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