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Bauhaus.Mobility Students

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Maximilian Wunsch

Oliver Singler, Philipp Kohl, Luiza Maciel, Luisa Correa, Yu-Ting Lu, Bardo Salgado Henriquez, El Mehdi Essadki, Ludwig David Lorenz, Janina Hain, Marcus Barth, Wiebke Mros

Maximilian Wunsch

Architecture and Urbanism,
Civil Engineering,
Art and Design,

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At the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Chair of Transport System Planning, the mobility of the future is being shaped in close cooperation between science, industry and local authorities. In this context, the visions of the students play a very special role, as they can actively promote the implementation of a sustainable mobility turnaround after graduation.

As Bauhaus.Mobility Students, current Bachelor and Master students from all four faculties have formulated their personal vision for urban mobility in 2050. The results are presented in a digital, interactive showroom at

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