Am I eligible? My bachelor degree has a cumulative GPA of ‚X’.

We are looking for bright students. Excellent grades are an indicator for this, but not the only indicator.

We also consider a couple of other indicators for excellence, including the following:

 - How close is your degree to our entry requirements? (See "Q: What background do I need?")

 - How good are your specific grades in classes relevant to the program you apply for?

 - How good are the scores in your English test, beyond our minimum threshold? (Good English scores indicate good chance to succeed in English-taught courses.)

 - Do you have other qualifications, such as internships, work experience, publications and awards (relevant to the study program you apply for)?

In general, if your GPA score is good (say, 2.0 in the German system) your chance to be considered is good, and if your grade is below satisfactory (2.5  or worse in the German system), we need strong evidence for "other qualifications" to consider your application.

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Am I eligible? Here is my University Transcript!

We do not generally answer this question without a formal application. After reviewing your complete application package we will be able to decide about admission.

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What IELTS Score for English do I need?

We require an overall score of 6.0 in the IELTS (for details see website on application to the program you are applying for), but in general we expect adequate passive and active language proficiency both in written and spoken English in order to successfully follow the program. A better score improves the chance for your application to be considered (see above).

Your IELTS score must still be valid.

Alternative language certificates are listed on the ‘Application’ information webpage for the program you are applying for, but IELTS is the most common.

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I studied in English, do I still need to provide a language certificate?

The teaching language is not sufficient for us. Only if the country where you studied is English-speaking, then no language certificate is needed. If in doubt (e.g. you have already studied for several years in an English speaking country) please contact us.

If you have further questions about language certificates, contact our Department of Study and Education / International Applications, Johanna Theuerkauf johanna.theuerkauf[at]uni-weimar.de

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What background do I need for the Human-Computer Interaction program?

You should have a Bachelor of Science in a Computer Science related program e.g., Computer Science, Software Engineering, Medieninformatik, »Computing and Business«. Excellent students from other technical areas may be considered, but need to have completed at least half of their classes in CS-related subjects. You should also have had some classes in HCI or related areas, such as psychology or human factors.

You need solid programming skills and some background knowledge in mathematics. As the teaching language is English, mastering written and spoken English is important.

Note: if you are fairly close to our entry requirements, we may accept you with stipulations of doing extra courses/credits in addition to the normal program in order to make up for gaps in your education profile (depends on whether such classes are on offer)

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How do I apply?

Please log in the uni-assist portal and start your application. Please direct all your questions regarding the application procedure to uni-assist after reading the webpage carefully.


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When should I apply?

You should apply as early as possible, especially if you need to obtain a visa for Germany.

It is necessary to be in Weimar when the semester starts as it is difficult to catch up otherwise. If you arrive more than 2 weeks late, you may not be able to join some classes anymore. Ideally you already arrive before semester start, in order to find accommodation and deal with any official paperwork, so you can focus on your studies once teaching starts.

Your acceptance to the program usually is valid for a full year. This means that if your visa is delayed, you can still start in the following semester. Or you can apply well in advance.

Visa applications are sovereign matters and we are not in the position to interfere. Questions about visa should be directed at the German embassy that is responsible for your visum process.

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How long does it take to process my application?

This can take anything between days and several weeks, depending on the number of things that are being checked. We try to process as fast as possible, but there are several departments involved besides of the Uni-Assist portal.

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I have submitted my thesis but have not received my final certificate yet. Can I apply?

You can only apply with your final certificate. We need your final grade for the evaluation of your application. If just one final semester is missing please send the academic transcript. But you will have to hand in the complete transcript and final degree right before enrolment in order to start studies.

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Do I really need to provide a 'Proof of Removal from the Register'?

German students need to provide their 'Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung' as they can't be registered at two Universities simultaneously.
Foreign students should ask their home University if this proof can be provided. Often your bachelor certificate will be sufficient. If we need further documentation, you will be contacted.

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What do I need for my Visa? X is missing - can I apply for a visa?

You need the letter of admission (LOA) for your visa application. It is important to know that the scan of the LOA is sufficient for starting the procedure and get a first appointment in the German embassy.

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Do I need German language skills?

It is advised to learn some German before arrival. The program is entirely English taught, but you will study in Germany. In order to get around in everyday life, from grocery shopping to asking for the way or dealing with administration, having some knowledge of German is extremely helpful. Moreover, at some point, you will need to prove A1 level knowledge in order to start your final theses work.

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How many years is the study program?

The masters program takes a minimum of 4 semesters (2 years). If you are admitted with stipulations of doing additional courses, this might extend your studies depending on the number of extra credits and your speed of studying. With more than one extra course, you will most likely need at least five semesters. Even without stipulations, do not assume you will finish within exactly four semesters, as something can always go wrong (e.g. failing exams and having to redo them, getting sick and needing an extension…).

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Are there study fees?

There are no study fees in Germany. There is only an administrative fee per semester of about 160 € that each student regardless of origin has to pay.

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How long am I allowed to study?

The 4 semesters or 2 years of study are the normal length of study for a full-time student.

You can extend your visa in the Aliens Department of the City Administration Weimar. In the German embassy of your home country you will get a students visa for 3 month. After enrolment in Weimar you can extend this visa depending on the amount of money you can proof for your personal living expenditures.

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What is expected from me in order to successfully study in Weimar?

From the very start of the course, you must be able and willing to work and solve problems independently, without constant supervision. Learning by heart / by rote is not sufficient - you need to be able to think on your own and to be self-organized. For some of our foreign students, this is a tough lesson.

Later in the program, you will also work in small project-groups and work collaboratively. At the end of the programme, you must be able to work both self-contained and as part of a team. We also expect you to be able to read scientific literature in English, and to write reports according to academic standards.

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Is the program in English?

Yes, the program is taught entirely in English.

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I have been accepted, but with stipulations/additional requirements. What does this mean?

These are classes that you need to do on top of the normal program. They should be heard and completed successfully as early as possible. They help you to catch up on topic areas that your education did not provide, but that we consider essential background before taking the more advanced master courses.

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Are there special rules for German students?

German students need to provide their 'Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung' as they can't be registered at two Universities simultaneously.
For German students, it is possible to start studies and to hand in final certificates of the prior bachelor degree up to 1 month after semester has started.

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