Shoe me the way!

  • Nowadays, mobile navigation systems for pedestrians largely depend on users frequently looking at their smartphones. Someone who does not know her way around and depends on a navigation system to direct her to a goal location has little choice but to get her phone out and keep checking the display for information on next turns.

    Our Shoe me the way! project questions this process and aims to offer an innovative solution: Use the user's shoe to focus her attention away from the screen, and back where it belongs: to the streets and city around her!

    Through building a fully functional prototype that brings the necessary navigation information right into the user's shoes, we try to answer the question of whether tactile feedback in the form of vibration can be an effective and efficient way to support wayfinding. Based on the Arduino platform, an iPhone and Bluetooth LE technology, we investigate how users find their way with different types of tactile feedback, and if they enjoy and trust being guided by their shoes.

    Shoe me the way! is a collaboration between the Usability Research Group and COMAKE, a local shoemaking startup from Weimar.

  • Project team

    • Contact: Prof. Dr. Sven Bertel (Junior professor)
    • Maximilian Schirmer, M.Sc.
    • Johannes Hartmann, B.Sc.
    • Marcus Slomczyk (COMAKE)
    • Andreas Sonnefeld (COMAKE)

Project publications and other products

  • Johannes Hartmann (ongoing). Entwicklung und Evaluierung eines haptischen Navigationsunterstützungssystems. Bachelor’s thesis, Computer Science and Media program, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.