Equipment Marienstraße

  • Plotter A0+: HP Designjet 800
    Farbtintenstrahl für Ausdrucke bis 1 m Breite
  • A3 Kopierer/Drucker bizhub C350
  • A3 Scanner EPSON GT 10000

Equipment Coudraystraße

  • A3 Farblaserdrucker HP Color Laser Jet 5500DTN
    Accounting of the printing account PCOUNTER

Employees can continue to use the plotter in Marienstraße. Students should contact the SCC.

Pricing and Billing

There are the following prices that are twice settled annually on budgetary cost centers.
By the staff of other departments / areas and accounting of project cost centers one transfer document must be signed.

GerätMaterialGröße/AusführungPreis (EUR)
Farb-LaserFarbeA4 (Folie)1,20

Für den Tintenstrahlplotter gilt diese Preisliste

Print service for employees

Employees can use the HP DesignJet plotter in the Marienstraße.

  • The driver is available on the server "Sonne" as HPGL and PS.
  • Before sending the print jobs must be the release by the BTS staff in the Marienstraße( Call: 4464,4465,4466)
  • Plotting is possible only during the period of service 7:15 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • The payment is made on budgetary cost center of the chair.

Use of the pool printers by employees and costing at the current time not yet entirely clear.

Available printer (for staff)

ModellName / TreiberStandort Bem. / Eigenschaften
HP LaserJet 5Si
Mopier PS
Tuvok-HP5SiM 7B / 302 (Luna grey)s/w Laser A3
HP LaserJet 5SiTuvok-HP5SiM 7B / 302 (Luna grey)s/w Laser A3
HP Color Laser Jet
Tuvok-HPColorM 7B / 302 (Luna grey)Farb-Laser A4
HP LaserJet 8000
Series PS
Beton-HP 8000 PSBeton-Pools/w Laser A3
HP LaserJet 8000
Series PS
Tuvok-HP8000Fast-Pools/w Laser A3
HP Color LaserJet
Pool-ColorC 13D / 003Farb-Laser A3
Lexmark OptraSC 1275Beton-OptraSC_PSC 13D / 003Farb-Laser A4
HP DesignJet 750CHP750C 13D / 003A0-Plotter
Rücksprache mit Poolaufsicht erforderlich
HP DesignJet 800Pool-DesiC 13D / 003