IV-2: Classification and design of interfaces in computer applications for civil engineering

The objective of the dissertation is the development of an applied classification of relevant civil engineering interfaces as well as the description of the approach to the solutions in the form of design patterns. The following essential points should be considered in the dissertation:

  • Which type of interface is appropriate? To minimize the dependencies of engineering applications, precedence is given to a weak interface. Essential interface classifications are communication, the interface for parameter or complex data structures, the interface for the exchange of standardised information as well as the interface including application logic (operative model).
  • What is the degree of relationship between the coupled partial models? This test can be oriented towards the relationship between the sender and the receiver in the communication technology (broadcast, multicast, point-to-point, gather).
  • Which type of notification (obligation to collect, obligation to deliver) is appropriate for each case?
  • Is there a directed interface with unidirectional data exchange?
    Is a bidirectional data exchange provided? Could cycles occur and how will convergence be produced?
  • Can the coupled systems communicate asynchronous or is concurrency due to synchronous communication provided?

Tutors: B. Firmenich, van Rooyen, F. Werner, M. König