Friedrich August Finger

Friedrich August Finger was born on 29 April 1885 in Frankfurt/Main. He was one of the greatest personalities who established building materials science as a science and as a required course of study. Through his work at that time, F. A. Finger made it possible that Weimar is still known worldwide as a location for successful building materials research and education.

He is the name giver of the Institute for Building Materials Science, founded in 1995 by  Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jochen Stark at the Bauhaus University Weimar.

Curriculum vitae

1885/04/29born in Frankfurt/Main
1904-1912Studies in civil engineering at the Technical Universities in Darmstadt and Munich
1912Diploma in Darmstadt
1912-1925Predominantly site manager during the construction of the Baghdad Railway
1929-1940Technical journal and training manager at Deutscher Zementbau in Berlin
1940Lecturer for structural analysis and engineering at the University of Architecture and Fine Arts in Weimar
1944Appointment as professor for building materials science, civil engineering and statics in Weimar
End of 1945Foundation and management of an institute for building materials development in Weimar with special promotion of clay and anhydrite construction methods
1946Establishment and management of a testing centre for building materials in Weimar
1946Appointment as Professor for Building Materials and Special Areas of Civil Engineering
1950-1951Acting Director of the Weimar School of Architecture and Civil Engineering (HAB)
1953/08/06Foundation of the Faculty of Building Materials Science and Technology
1953-1958 First dean of this faculty
1958Honorary senator of the HAB Weimar and honorary doctorate (Dr.-Ing.) at the Faculty of Architecture
1961/07/06Friedrich August Finger deceased in Weimar