Instructions for writing student theses at the FIB

Download as PDF (in German)

If you have any questions, please contact Ulrike Schirmer.

Status: 07 December 2020

  1. Basic structure
    • Title page
    • Signed terms of reference, together with explanations
    • Table of contents
    • List of formula symbols and abbreviations
    • Introduction/problem definition
    • Literature/Theory
    • Experimental part - Evaluation
    • Summary and conclusions, outlook
    • Indexes Literature, if applicable tables, figures
    • Annex, beginning with List of Appendices
    • Declaration of independence
  2. Form
    • Line spacing: 1,3
    • Font size: e.g. Times New Roman 12; Arial 11
    • Tables: Caption above, Bilder: Caption below; both with reference to the source, if applicable
  3. Length of the work in pages
    Master thesis≦ 80 pages, upper limit 100
    WK-/Student project/Bachelor thesis30 – 60 pages
  4. Generally known facts available in lab course instructions, textbooks, standards, etc. do not belong in a thesis. It is therefore unnecessary to describe XRD, slump test, DTA, ESEM etc.
  5. The literature section should comprise max. ¼ of the thesis and represent a summary as well as point out open questions.
  6. The summary should reflect the main results of the work in max. 3 pages.
  7. The thesis must be submitted in 3 copies in printed form as well as in digital form as a non-copy-protected docx document (or LaTeX files) and PDF, including all additional tables of measured values and images in German (or english if communicated with your supervisor and professor).
    ThesisHardcover; Spine: name, year
    WK-/Student projectRing binding