Ibáñez, Stalin

M.Sc. Stalin Ibáñez
Scientific staff member

Marienstr. 13D, Room 203
Tel.: +49 (0) 3643/58 44 54
E-Mail: stalin.patricio.ibanez.sanchez[at]uni-weimar.de

ResearchGate: here (external Link)

Research insterest

Programming of numerical methods

Material nonlinear analysis

Geometrical nonlinear analysis

Numerical modelling of steel structures


Principal author:

Ibanez, S. & Kraus, M., 2021. A Numerical Approach for Plastic Cross‐Sectional Analyses of Steel Members. In ce/papers (Vol. 4, Issues 2–4, pp. 2098–2106). Wiley. doi.org/10.1002/cepa.1527

Ibanez, S., Fitz, T. & Smarsly., K., 2019. A semantic model for wireless sensor networks in cognitive buildings. In: Proceedings of the ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering. Atlanta, GA, USA, 06/17/2019.

Ibanez, S. & Dragos, K., 2018. Quality indicators for embedded stochastic subspace identification algorithms in wireless structural health monitoring systems. In: Proceedings of the 30th Forum Bauinformatik. Weimar, Germany, 09/19/2018.


Theiler, M., Legatiuk, D., Ibanez, S. & Smarsly, K., 2020. Metaization concepts for monitoring-related information. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 46(2020), 1011158.


Structural Engineering - Advanced systems

Modelling of steel structures and numerical simulation

Design and interpretation of experiments: Experiments in Structural Engineering