Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Londong

Coudraystr. 7 Zimmer 215
99421 Weimar


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education and working experience

cooperation with committees and boards

  • chairman of the DWA | committee KA-1 "New Alternative Sanitation Systems (NASS)"
  • member of management committee IWA Specialist Group Ressource Oriented Sanitation
  • member of the European Scientific and Technical Committees of the European Water Association (EWA)
  • member of the DWA | Hauptausschusses KA "Wastewater Treatment"
  • member of the DWA | committee KA-10 "Wastewater disposal in rural areas"
  • member of the DWA | working group KA 1.8 " Research and Development"
  • member of the DWA | working group KA 10.3 "Wastewater of motorway service areas"