Jun.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Pearce

»What do we want to be? How do we want to live? It is not new technologies that are important, but rather how people use them.« – Charlotte Periand

»Technologies are not mediations, something in between us and another bit of the world. Rather, technologies are organs, full partners.« – 
Donna Harraway

The professorship "Emerging Technologies and Design" was established in 2022 at the Faculty of Art and Design at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. It explores the potentials of emergent technologies for contemporary design by exploring them conceptually, technically, historically and socially on the one hand and developing design strategies for their disruptive, disobedient and speculative application on the other. The orientation of the professorship in research and teaching is explorative and experimental. It pursues a decidedly inter- and transdisciplinary approach, among other things through collaboration and exchange with academic and non-academic partners in the fields of art, media, architecture, and natural and engineering sciences.