Dunkelkammer in der Amalienstraße (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Foto: Tobias Adam)

Photo studio

The photo studio in Amalienstrasse 13 is open for students of Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and the degree courses Media Art and Design. Professional care and support is ensured by the experienced photographer Master Tobias Adam and Artistic Associate Nina Röder.

Each photographic task relevant to the course content can be handles with assistance. The studio offers space and versatile technical possibilities to work on ideas and projects. Two sets of infinity coves allow fast and variable modification corresponding to the actual task . The room can be completely darkened. A studio flash with numerous light shapers, camera technology in small and medium format, both analogue and digital are provided. 

Throughout the entire semester introductory courses are being held in the different processing techniques, which enable hte students to use the respective technology independently. If these introductions are not held within the modules offreded in the degree course Media Art and Design by Nina Röder, appointments can it be agreed individually with Tobias Adam from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism.


The spacious darkroom is located in the basement of Amalienstraße 13. Photographic prints can be created by small-, medium and sheet film originals with one of the eight provided enlargers. In addition to conventional processing methods experimental photographic image ideas can be realised.

Digital Image Lab

The digital image lab is equipped with Mac computers with installations of the Adobe Creative Suite including Lightroom and calibrated monitors for the post-production of image files. Following the edited files can be printed on professional photo printers. For digitizing analogue negatives a medium format scanner (to 7 cm), two small picture slide scanners and a flat bed scanner are available.