Das experimentelle Radio an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar | UKW 106.6 MHz

The Institute for Artistic Radiation: Department Trial and Suspicion

The experimental radioshow with Johann Mittmann and Jan Glöckner! This week we reenact the show from last week!

The first but second show of a new and innovative format. The second show in a row of first shows. The topic is innovation and the dogma of novelty. Johann and Jan are sitting in the studio. They are reflecting upon a quote from Tim Ingold and the Shrine of Ise.

The live-discussion is recorded. After 30min Jan and Johann stop and the recording of the first half-hour is played. Jan and Johann hear that recording on their headphones, they join in and try to say exactly what they hear simultaneously. They are able to stop the recording to comment on what they just repeated and start the recording again to continue. In the last 10min Jan and Johann reflect upon the experiment.

Experimental Radioshow, in English language with Johann Mittmann, Jan Glöckner.

concept/presentation: Johann Mittmann, Jan Glöckner

technician: Janine Müller, Laura Anh Thu Dang, Marko Hörschelmann, Konrad Behr