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methexis, μέθεξις: communication between the world of senses and the world of ideas  
In the first show of methexis, we will talk about subjects related to greek architecture, art theories through the prism of historic references, followed by sounds of musique concrète, soundscape compositions, and acoustic ecology.

Today’s city-without deliberation, without dreams-leads to dystopia and destruction.
Utopias without deliberations, but with dreams- can’t take us out of the dead-end.
There is only one-way left-with deliberation and with dreams-to take us from
the bad locus to the good locus, not to an outside locus,
but inside: in one entopia (in-locus).
K.Doxiadis, Between Dystopia and Utopia, Faber and Faber, London 1968

Hosts: Elina, Lefteris
Music: Mattachin