Das experimentelle Radio an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar | UKW 106.6 MHz


Matthew John Lloyd, Pablo Silva Saray, and Ulas Yener take part 3 hours in 53h Sendung of They talk about hyper-reality, post-modern architecture and urbanism, media, virtual reality.

Technik: Marko Hörschelmann


1-The Hunchback of Notre Dame OST – Out There

2-Diorama – Synthesize me

3-Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side

4-The Clearing Path – Ankhtkheperura in Thee (A Mystical Enlightenment)

5-Lehakat Tzliley Haoud – Neimat Pop Oud

6-El Microfono – Instituto Mexicano del Sonido

7-mr bungle – desert search for techno allah

8-Ibrahim Maalouf – Conspiracy Generation

9-Radiohead – Videotape – Live From The Basement

10-GAZA – Mostly Hair and Bones Now

11-The Jazz Workshop – Hamichtav

12-New Order – Krafty