Machine Learning

Introduction to Machine Learning

General Information

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Benno Stein
Lab advisors: Michael Völske, Janek Bevendorff
Student tutors: El Mehdi Essadki
Workload: 2 SWS Lecture, 1 SWS Lab
ECTS Credits: 4.5 for CS4DM, CSM, MI, and HCI before 2019; 6 for DE and HCI since 2019
Lecture: Th. 9:15am - 10:45am. Online
Lab: Th. 11:00am - 15:00pm. Online
Examination: TBD.
Moodle: Introduction to Machine Learning WiSe2020


Lab Class

To submit your solutions to the lab class exercises, you must enrol in the Moodle course for the lecture. Working in groups of up to 3 students is encouraged -- once you have formed a group, each member must select the same group number in Moodle.

The list below shows the key dates for the lab class, and is updated regularly:


Please find the literature in the script.