Activities by Field

Information Retrieval and Search

Args [2017 - today]
The first search engine for arguments on the web.
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Retrieval Models
Retrieval Models [2011 - 2013]
Interactive map to overview and compare the characteristics of well-known retrieval models.
ChatNoir [2010 - today]
Research search engine indexing the ClueWeb and CommonCrawl.
[service] [api] (ChatNoir2)
[service] [api] (ChatNoir1)
Query Segmentation
Query Segmentation [2010 - today]
Second-guess the user’s intent from a search query.
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Netspeak [2006 - today]
Tool to assist authors in writing.
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Plagiarism Detection
Plagiarism Detection [2005 - today]
Technology for automated plagiarism detection.
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Information Extraction and Computational Linguistics

Clickbait Logo
CLICKBAIT [2016 - today]
Analysis of clickbait messages in social media.
ArguAna for the Web [2016 - today]
Argumentation analysis for the web.
[project] [service: argument search] [api] [demo: essay scoring]
ArguAna [2012 - 2015]
Argumentation analysis in customer opinion mining.
[project] [demo: review analysis]
InfexBA [2009 - 2011]
Information extraction for business applications.
[project] [demo: sentiment detection]
OpinionCloud [2008 - 2013]
On the fly comment summarization for YouTube and Flickr.

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Deep Text Analytics
Deep Text Analytics [2015 - today]
Deep analysis of textual content in collaboration with Adobe.
Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering [2010 - today]
Data mining in artificially generated data to support modeling and simulation tasks.
Wikipedia Quality
Wikipedia Quality [2010 - today]
Analyzing and predicting quality flaws in Wikipedia.
CAIR [2010 - 2015]
Semantic cluster analysis in information retrieval.
[project] [demo: publication taxonomy]
Wikipedia Vandalism
Wikipedia Vandalism [2007 - today]
Research for the analysis and detection of vandalism on Wikipedia.
[project] [demo: spatio-temporal analysis]

Software Engineering and Tool Development

WAT-SL [2017 - today]
Web Annotation Tool for Segment Labeling.
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Cluster Visualization
Cluster Visualization [2015 - today]
Tools for monitoring the group's clusters.
NoSQL Stores
NoSQL Databases [2014 - 2015]
Development of key-value storage systems for Big Data applications.
Webis@Github [2013 - today]
Webis github account that hosts the source code for reproducing our research.
TIRA [2007 - today]
Online experiment configuration and execution.
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AItools [2003 - today]
Java library for information retrieval and data mining.