Laboratories and Test Facilties

The department has powerful stationary testing equipment which is flexible applicable for research projects in the field of wastewater and sewage sludge treatment. Tests can be performed in the laboratory as well as in semi technical scale.

Furthermore the department has a mobile testing facility (testing container) of which the equipment can be adjusted to the local needs. Our qualified employees and our technical equipment for synthetics, metal and wood working allow a test plant construction that is aligned with special requirements for research and practice.

Analytical Laboratory (Main Laboratory) of the department:
In this laboratory the general research of wastewater and sewage sludge for physical and chemical procedures is performed with the German Standard Method (DEV). Besides the pure analysing activities there are opportunities to perform small tests with wastewater and sewage sludge with laboratory standards.

Condition for a high analytical quality and accurate implementation of analysis is the manned occupation and technical equipment of the laboratory.

  • spectralphotometer Lambda 11
  • universal-filterphotometer
  • DIN-CSB-Equipment
  • Kjeldahl-nitrogen-equipment
  • BSB-instrumentation (mano-metrical)
  • equipment for disintegration for volatile organic acids
  • CST-instrumentation
  • automatic wastewater sampler
  • laboratory and field measuring device for: pH, O2, conductibility
  • .....

Testing laboratory of the MFPA Weimar:
The Materialforschungs- und Prüfanstalt special chemical and micro-biological tests for us. Besides water and wastewater, in the accredited laboratory sewage sludge, composts, waste and substances can be analysed. The large measurement-technology equipment of the laboratory is introduced on this page .

In addition, our co-operation partner MFPA operates a test facility for the Certification of small sewage works after prEN 12566-3.

Laboratory and Testing Facilitiy at the Wastewater Treatment Plant Weimar/Tiefurt:
The wastewater company of Weimar supports our scientific curiosity by providing us a fortified surface for the stationary and mobile test facilities as well as providing us an additional laboratory.

Our air-conditioned laboratory and test facilities at the wastewater treatment plant in Weimar/Tiefurt served as a clean room container facility for complicated experiments for the TU Ilmenau. Therefore the facility is equiped with (almost) all subtleties.

Today the facility is used for wastewater and sewage sludge testing according to physical and chemical fast determination methods (Küvettentest) for the parameters COD, BOD5, as well as nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. The parameters measured on site serve as operating control and process monitoring of the test facilities.