Winterwerkschau 2022: Projects

Albers Variations / Textile Therapy

Project information

submitted by
Charlotte Rein

KÜNSTLERSOZIALKLASSE Prof. Christine Hill, Katrin Steiger MFA

Art and Design

Degree programme:
Fine Art (Diploma),
Teaching Qualification (Secondary Education) in Art Education - First or Dual Subject (1st state examination)

Type of project presentation

Project description

Based on Josef Albers’s color studies and the book Interaction of Color, Albers Variations / Textile Therapy tries to form an understanding of the impact colors have on each other. It’s almost impossible to perceive one color without another color’s influence.
Interaction of Color is a collection of tasks that Albers worked on with his students using paper because it is the least relative medium. I wanted to see whether textiles, cotton specifically, have a similar effect in working with color as paper does. I started working on a couple of Albers’s tasks only to realize that the constant cycle of making a pattern, choosing the colors, transferring the pattern, cutting the fabric, pinning the pieces, sewing and ironing them, had a very therapeutic effect on me. Which is why I decided to experiment more and sort of loose myself in the process. This resulted in many modular pieces that can be taken anywhere and placed on different color backgrounds to keep on experimenting.

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