Winterwerkschau 2022: Projects

Anna Viktorija Babic / Care and Empowerent Through Textile Practice

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submitted by
Suna Mathilde Yoo

Carmen Gomez Vega, Alexandra Regan Toland

Art and Design

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– Other –

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Participation in the Bauhaus.Modules

Project description


The pandemic has made the clear line between home and public, work and free-time
disappear. Everything has been different, but at the same time it seemed like nothing
has changed. During lockdown time melted away. Steadily and without realizing.
Just like ice cream melting between roses. Absurd, like a dream. Waiting for normality
to come back while observing the strange emptiness on the streets at night.
Reality got surreal. Hearing my flatmates music, smelling the soil of my plants,
and breathing fresh air during long walks brought some vivacity back during lockdown
and increased my gratitude and awareness for the tiny things and details of
everyday life. Just like this little shiny bug strolling over my fingers.
What makes you feel alive?


For our mending project, I chose to repair my „everyday-jeans“ because some seams
were damaged. I was inspired by the cross section of an onion and tried to stitch
circle-like forms. I would like to add more of these stitches all over the jeans,
but it will take some more time, so this could be seen as the beginning of the
whole piece. (...)

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