Winterwerkschau 2022: Projects

Studio house in between the gardens

Project information

submitted by
Luna Yas Milani

Emil Ratzlaff, Paul Dezius, Luna Milani

Professur Entwerfen und Wohnungsbau

Architecture and Urbanism

Degree programme:
Architecture (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.))

Type of project presentation

Project description

In between the gardens,
is a clubhouse of the Silberblick garden community on the southern outskirts of Weimar that has been rarely used in recent years. The aim is to respond to the upcoming generational change with the help of architecture that creates new forms of living together. The studio space is intended to expand the existing building in its current use and thus give new life to the clubhouse. An open and flowing floor plan supports previously absent exchanges. The communal kitchen in particular facilitates encounters between the studio residents, club members and their guests. The colourful façade, in the middle of the gardens, reflects the character of the studio and is intended to appeal to strangers and attract attention through its radiant external effect.
The shape of the roof creates high ceilings in the studio and wide openings to the north.
The design experiments with two different types of living: classical rooms on the ground floor contrasting with open alcoves on the upper floor.
The project was created in 2022 as part of the third Bachelor project module "How to live together?" at the Chair of Design and Housing.
In addition, we show five-minute films that were made in preparation for the core module.

Exhibition Location / Event Location

  • Goetheplatz 10 - Kasseturm, Kasseturm - Mitte
  • Goetheplatz 10 - Kasseturm, Kasseturm - Mitte
  • Goetheplatz 10 - Kasseturm, Kasseturm - Mitte