Winterwerkschau 2022: Projects

You Eun Nam / Care and Empowerment Through Textile Practice

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submitted by
Suna Mathilde Yoo

Carmen Gomez Vega, Alexandra Regan Toland

Art and Design

Degree programme:
– Other –

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Participation in the Bauhaus.Modules

Project description

The pandemic broke out forcing me to travel from one country to the other so much regardless of my will, which made me so exhausted mentally and physically. But during the unusually harsh winter, lockdown was announced and since then on, my daily routine became dull, hypocritically making me miss travelling back to my home country.

During this lockdown, the windows became a time loop television of watching the change of seasons, from autumn to winter and winter to spring.
And I have compensated my dull mornings with frequent purchase of plants to fill up the void that I had in this period.


Mending used to be some kind of satisfaction, feeling better about myself. But it became more a necessity to reuse until it degrades like nature does.
In earlier corona time, shops were selling all kinds of beautiful pattern fabric masks and became a "fashion trend". But then soon after the government advised people to use medical masks, this fashion trend had to disappear and the fabric masks either had to be thrown away or chucked somewhere in the house till they got dusted.

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